Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Certified Natural Kitchen!

Hi all!

Just wanted to make a quick announcement that my kitchen in Moretown has now been officially certified through the Department of Health! Although this may not sound all that exciting on it's own, it does mean that I will now be able to schedule natural cooking classes and begin a prepared meal service in my own space.

The prepared meal service will begin in May and be modeled after a CSA. Members will subscribe, commit to one meal per week and pay up front on a monthly basis. In turn they will be able to use reusable glass containers and recieve delicious and convenient meals packed with nourishing ingredients from our neighborhood farmers. I am so excited that our community truly understands the importance of supporting a sustainable food system, and I CANNOT wait to become part of it! For more information and to sign up for future communication about this exciting new venture, please visit and enter your contact information.

I will also begin to schedule healthy cooking classes that teach the skills you need to know to create a natural kitchen in your own home. If you have enjoyed the recipes from this blog, you will love these classes. With varying themes every month, from ethnic foods, to spring cleansing, to healthy sweets, there will always be something new to learn. If you have ideas or class suggestions, please post them below!

Ok so anyway, enough about me. I have been making this recipe all week (three days in a row) from my favorite blog, 101cookbooks, and have to share it! Since Heidi already did such a wonderful job posting the recipe, I'll simply give you the link and send you off with a few words. Take it to California. Diced avocado, juicy tomato, a dallop of sour cream spiked with lime zest, a sprinkling of cheese and you are in heaven. Love these five minute meals.

Relax. Eat Well.

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  1. Congrats for the certified kitchen. It shows your accuracy and awareness about kitchen cleaning and hygiene.

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